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Direct download link (DDL), alternatively simply direct download, is a term used within the Internet-based file sharingcommunity. It is used to describe a hyperlink that points to a location within the Internet where the user can download a file. When used in conversation, DDL distinguishes itself from other forms of peer-to-peer (P2P) downloading architectures in that it uses a client–server architecture, where 100-percent of the file is stored on a single file server or in parallel across multiple file servers in a server farm.

Originally, P2P was used to distribute large sized files without requiring much bandwidth on the part of any one node. However, because of sharing issues, such as the lack of seeding of torrents, throttling of a node's file sharing ports by anInternet service provider, or lawsuits because of uploading copyrighted material, direct downloads has become a popular and legal alternative among Leechers. There is also an increase in businesses offering gigabytes of free bandwidth and storage space.

Despite the term commonly being used among warez and other file sharing enthusiasts, direct downloading is heavily used by companies as a means of distributing products, such as application software, drivers for peripherals, documentation, and much more.